Amazing Working Bred “Vest” Line Aussie Puppy Available (Late July 2018)

Are you looking for your next work or sport partner? Are Aussies your breed? My friend Teri over at Ticklwood Australian Shepherds Tcklwd logohas an amazing litter of pups on the ground right now, and, due to unforeseen circumstances, one pup just came available!

I’m posting here to share the news and help that puppy find the perfect home.


Some of the amazingly accomplished Ticklwood pups from Twig’s earlier litters!

This litter is really something special! Twig, the dam, is a lovely, stable, athletic girl who throws the same in her pups. She was bred to Billie Richardson’s Dan, the most talented working Aussie in North America.

Dan the Man 02
Billie and Dan

I watched Dan run at the Grass Creek Border Collie Trials last summer and was wowed by his impressive talent. You can watch his winning run at the Clock, Stock, and Barrel sheepdog trial in Calgary this spring here.

Puppies will be extremely athletic, very talented for both sport and work, and easy to live with! Both parents are biddable and level headed, and a throw that to their pups.

I had the great pleasure of having one of Dan’s sons – Deed – spend a month with me for training last summer and I have to say, if he had been a border collie, I wouldn’t have let him go home! Intense, keen, athletic, super easy to train, and very handler oriented. Totally my kind of dog!

Dan the Man 01
Dan the Man

Puppies were born June 01 and will be ready to go late July. They are being weaned to raw and raised following the Puppy Culture protocol.

Also, they have tails! One pup is docked, but the others all have natural tails. Which pup will be available will be decided when they are older and their structural and temperament evaluation is complete.

Twig and pups
Mamma Twig and her brood!

I’m sure the available spot in this litter will be snapped up quickly so if you’re interested, be sure to contact Teri ASAP! You can reach her through her Facebook Page or email me at and I’ll put you in touch!

Twig x Dan whole litter

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