Imp. Finn

Upcoming Litter

Imp. Finn has been bred to Maxine:
Pups due late May, 2021

Imp. Finn is a very natural and talented young dog, owned by Werner Reitboeck and bred by Pat Byrne in Ireland. He has been tested via Optigen and found to be clear of all testable genetic conditions, including EOAD (early onset deafness). He is medium sized, easy to live with, has solid, powerful, athletic structure, and gets along well with other dogs.

Finn has been trained to Open and successfully run in PN trails. COVID interrupted his trial career but he is to move to Open when he gets back to competing.

Finn is extremely natural with a calm, cool head and lovely natural pace. This is exactly what I was looking for to balance Maxine’s somewhat hot approach to work.

Here is a short video of Finn’s 2nd time on sheep, at 5 months, demonstrating his natural talent and cool head:

And here is a more recent video of Finn doing a 550 yard gather:

Here is a video of Finn moving a flock of heavy sheep through a field full of puddle they do not wish to navigate. Once again, Finn is calm, biddable and level headed. He is willing to grip if challenged.

Here is Finn’s pedigree: