Sport Dog Fundamentals (SDF)

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Build a strong foundation with your performance partner

Enjoy a lifetime of joyful and confident teamwork

Picture this: You and your dog, performing the sport of your choice (agility, Rally-O, tricks, obedience, herding, parkour or whatever!).

Your dog is totally focused on the job. She responds to every cue, and performs each one with precision. You move with her, confident in your teamwork and that the thought of leaving the ring or the job will never cross her mind. You finish the course with grace, and celebrate with a joyful game of tug or a fistful of liver snaps and stroll in the adjoining field.

Can you see it? Can you feeeeeel it? Are you getting excited already?

Well great! Because your vision can totally become reality!

How? It all starts with a strong foundation in the basics. Well, ok, a strong foundation in the basics and a love of dog training, awesome treats and toys, and a dog. Or two. (Or ten. But who’s counting?)

A well-structured training program to guide you in building this foundation is pretty darned helpful too. And lucky for you, this is exactly what I am offering!

The What:

Brand new for Fall 2017, Sport Dog Fundamentals is a hands-on, 6-week class in the foundations you’ll need for nearly any dog sport.

The material will be taught in layers, starting with simple behaviours that build each week into the more complex. Themes explored in the course include:

  • Operant Behaviour
  • Impulse Control
  • Targeting
  • Body Awareness
  • Body Positioning
  • Obstacle Fundamentals
  • Relationship Foundations

Please note: This course will be taught using 100% positive reinforcement-based methods, without the use of any corrections whatsoever. Dogs will be trained on a flat collar or harness, with toys and treats.

The Who:

  • Your dog: Any age, size, or breed. This class is appropriate for dogs and puppies of any age, from 8 weeks through 8 years, and beyond! No prior training is necessary. Exercises can easily be modified for dogs with restrictions due to age (young or old) or medical conditions, and taught with both toys and treats.
  • You: You don’t need to be experienced either! But if you are, the foundation exercises in this course will still be appropriate for your green dog, or the one you are re-training or cross-training.Having some curiosity about dog training theory is helpful, but not necessary. Be forewarned, however: there will be dog training theory! And I get pretty excited about it.
  • Your class: Maximum 8 dog-handler teams

The Details:

Six Saturday afternoons from 1:30-2:30pm
October 28th – December 2nd, 2017
$150 per dog/handler team
Teamwork Canine Centre, 1121 John Counter Blvd., Kingston, Ontario

To register or ask questions, please email me, Hélène: