Kynic Stockdogs is a small kennel of Border Collies and (so far) one Australian Working Kelpie, located near Kingston, Ontario.  My dogs work stock daily on our farm, and do agility and other dog sports in their spare time.  All of my dogs live in the house and are respected companions and friends first and foremost. That said, I couldn’t manage my livestock without them and they are an integral part of our homestead!


My Mission

My mission for Kynic Stockdogs is twofold:

1) To build and strengthen the human-animal bond through deep understanding and clear communication, and to share what I learn with others so that they may do the same. I strive to take the most current, science-based knowledge around learning and teaching, and apply it to my relationship with my dogs. I am constantly seeking to upgrade my skills and to find new and innovative ways to work with my animal companions.

2) To raise, train, and breed the healthiest, most talented working dogs possible. I am deeply committed to the philosophy of natural rearing as a clear, sound mind and a strong, healthy body results in a calm, confident, eager-to-learn working partner.

As such, my dogs (and all my animals) are raised naturally without drugs or chemicals, are fed a species appropriate raw diet, and treated with holistic approaches as a frontline approach to health. Additionally, my dogs are trained using positive reinforcement-based methods to maximize clarity in communication and confidence in partnership.