Dogs / Puppies Available


We currently have one puppy available from our Kes x Scout litter.  Born February 24th, 2016, Griffon is a wonderful, confident, good natured rough coated puppy looking for just the right home to bring out his potential.

DSCN0036 (2)
Kynic Griffon

We think The Griffonator is pretty much perfect, but since you can’t tell that just from a photo, here’s a list of his key strengths:

  • Griffon comes from strong working lines, with both parents and all grandparents working stock, running farms, and competing in herding trials, this pup has tremendous potential as a working dog.
  • Griff is incredibly confident and outgoing.  He has no observed sensitivities, and is happy to pounce on moving surfaces, operate around any variety of loud noises, and strut confidently around in new environments.
  • This puppy is extremely good natured with a gentle, clownish temperament and a charming way with all he meets.
  • Has been professionally evaluated for structure; Griff has good shoulder layback, is well proportioned with appropriate bone.  He could use a touch more neck and a little more rear angulation, although has good turn of stifle.  He is slightly cow hocked.  Overall: a sound, fast dog built for stock work more than agility-style tight turning or power jumping.
  • He has been raised through Puppy Culture with socialization and environmental exposure starting at 3 days of age, including early neurological stimulation and scent imprinting.  You can read about his rearing on our Puppy Blog.
  • Griff is 100% naturally reared, gestated and weaned to raw, and has never been exposed to any chemicals or toxins.
  • He is crate trained, (mostly) house broken, clicker imprinted, has been started on Crate Games, shaping exercises, has strong tug and food drive, and is working his way through Susan Garrett’s Puppy Peaks program.
DSCN0031 (1)
Griff, natural stack, showing off his structure


Starting to turn onto stock.  He is quiet and easy going, at least so far!

Griffon’s ideal home will:

  • Be looking for their next best friend and family member.
  • Be Border Collie savvy; Griff is an easy going puppy by BC standards but is still a fair bit of dog and will require an experienced home to bring out his best.  In short, he is not a puppy for a first time Border Collie home or someone looking for a pet.
  • Enjoy working with a dog who is somewhat more object focused than handler focused.  Be skilled in using shaping and positive reinforcement to continue building on his desire to work with his person.
  • Be skilled at, or interested in developing skills in body awareness and canine fitness to help teach this boy how to use his body well.  A big boy, he will benefit from body awareness and fitness work to keep him sound throughout his life.
  • Will be both interested in and have time to work with him in a variety of sports.  Griff would excel at herding (obviously!), scent work, Rally-O, freestyle, mushing, SAR, and other canine activities that will have him keeping his feet largely on the ground.
  • Will continue with this natural rearing program, in particular keeping him on a raw diet and minimizing any exposure to drugs and chemicals.


If you are interested in Griffon, please email us at for more information and a puppy application.  Please note that we do not ship puppies or place them in homes with children under 12.  Thank you!