Hannah CBCA xxxx

DOB: January 09, 2006
Hips: OFA Excellent
Eyes: Clear, Optigen testing to come

Accomplishments: Open trial herding dog.  Many novice trial wins.  2008 Ontario OBCC Novice Champion (herding).  AAC Master’s agility dog.  ADC, AADC.  Qualified for 2012 AAC Championships.

Description: Medium sized with solid build, 40lbs.  Smooth coated, pricked ears, tri-colour with one blue eye.  Jumps 22”.

Breeding: Mary Thompson’s Holly x Hawk, littermate to Thompson’s very successful Open dog Beauty and same way bred as 2010 Canadian National Reserve Champion Coal.  Hannah’s lines are both successful trial and working farm dogs.

Working Style: Hannah’s strengths are her big, scopey outruns, wonderful balance, passion for shedding and amazing partnership with her handler.  This last feature has taken us farther than any other aspect of her talents.  When we’re out together, whether on the farm or on the trial field, we are 100% a team.  My job is to let her know what I need done, and she will do it.  This dog has never quit on me, has never lost her sheep, and has never lost her patience.  Hannah is gentle and patient with stock which makes her my dog of choice to work with ewes with new lambs.

Temperament: Hannah has a wonderful, rock solid temperament with an intense work ethic.  She is gentle, calm and friendly with everyone.  I can take her anywhere and into any situation with confidence, and I can count on her to always give me 100% and never quit regardless of how tough a challenge we encounter.  Hannah is largely a one person dog and is deeply bonded to me.  As a result she is somewhat indifferent to strangers.


Background: Two years after I lost my beloved Jake I bought Hannah as a 7 week old pup, determined to finally get into herding after 16 years of sharing my life with border collies.  I actually waited nearly a year for her to be born, and then another 9 months before I could start her training!  But Hannah’s sire, Hawk, reminded me of Jake and I was drawn to her mother’s calm, sophisticated demeanor, so I was content to wait for this puppy.  In a twist of fate, it turns out that Hannah is actually related to Jake!  I didn’t know this until I received Hannah’s papers months after I brought her home, but it turns out that Hawk’s grandfather was Jake’s sire, making Hannah Jake’s great-great-great-grand niece.  I know it’s a long shot, but the resemblance obviously wasn’t just my imagination.  A little bit of Jake lives on in Hannah, and now in her puppies.

Hannah turned out to be everything I had ever hoped for and then some.  She was definitely worth the wait.  Her temperament is fantastic, allowing me to put all our relationship energy into training.  Hannah is not only is my first herding dog, but is she also my first competitive agility dog.  And we have done very well in both venues.  There aren’t many dogs who can brag about being both an Open trial herding dog and Masters level agility dog, but Hannah is one such dog.  In our first year of competing we won every weekend trial championship but one, and as a result we won the overall OBCC Novice provincial championship (2008).  Hannah also has many first prize ribbons in agility, and when we competed in the Ontario regionals after having previously only run one single Masters trial course, we qualified for AAC Nationals (2012) including placing third in one of the Standard classes.

While she is not the most powerful dog on the farm, Hannah makes up for any lack with her teamwork.  I love both working and competing with this dog because we work so well together.  Hannah has a wonderfully clear and present mind which allows her to really understand what needs to be done, and do it.  She’s my partner through and through and I know I always can count on her.  Can you tell I love this dog?

Because Hannah has been such a great dog for me, in 2013 I decided to breed her and keep a pup.  After much research and evaluation I decided on Amanda Milliken’s Monty as her ideal mate.  Monty had previously been bred to Hannah’s sister and the pups turned out beautifully.  Monty has a similarly bombproof temperament, and I am hoping will add power to Hannah’s pups.  Given that she was already 7 at the time, and that it is unlikely I will breed her a second time, I ended up keeping two pups: Desirée and Clayton.