Week 10 – Ready to Launch!

Well here we are already. Puppies are ten weeks old today.  I can’t believe how quickly the past couple of months have flown by, and now my sweet babies are ready to leave the nest.

What an amazing experience it has been, as well as an incredible privilege, to raise these precious beings.  Puppies are now sleeping overnight in their crates, walking on leash, offering sits automatically, loving new people, and getting comfortable around strange dogs.  They have been in stores, banks, towns, and farms.  They have met cats (well, one), and men with beards, dark sunglasses, and hats.   They have walked on concrete, waded in a pond, gotten muddy then cleaned off in the rain.  The have followed ducks and chickens, stared at sheep, met a polar bear (or two!), have been loved by children, and chewed bones.


My job is now done, but their life is just beginning.  They now need more individual attention than I am able to give, and are ready to be launched into the wide world with their new families.  And I am ready to say goodbye, as hard as it will be to do so.

I have learned so much, although no doubt this is just the beginning. A few of the lessons they have taught or reminded me of include:

  1. Every puppy is perfect, and is exactly the way he or she is meant to be.
  2. Every puppy is a teacher; it’s up to us to recognize and learn the lessons offered.
  3. No puppy is perfect; what matters is the relationship not the ribbons and titles.
  4. Every puppy is a journey, and an adventure.
  5. Let intuition be your guide.
  6. Spending time with friends is more important (and more fun!) than a clean house.
  7. If you follow your passion, things not even related will fall into place while you are busy being happy.
  8. Love with all your heart, even though you know they will leave you.


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