Week 12 Photos and Update

Oh my goodness, the puppies are already three whole months old!  How on earth did that happen?  They are little dogs now, all but one in their forever homes, keeping up with their adult brothers and sisters, and training for their future careers.  I couldn’t be happier with their placements and am delighting in near-daily updates from each new home! Everyone seems to be very happy with their new babies and all are fitting in very well.

From what I am seeing to date, the combination of the genetics involved in this litter and the Puppy Culture methods I used to raise them has produced very happy, stable, confident puppies.  I’m thrilled!  There of course is interesting variation between the puppies, the most pronounced of which perhaps are between the two I have remaining.  More on that in an

Lark heading home
Kynic Everything “Helé” (firmly, Lark) with her new human and best friend, Eve

First, to bring you up to date, 10 days ago Lark – now Kynic Everything aka “Helé” – departed for her new life in Montreal!  This quiet, sweet little girl has headed off to live in the heart of La Belle Ville – my favourite city! – where she will be doing freestyle, urban mushing (Canicross), obedience, and assisting her new human in teaching other human-dog partnerships about force-free training.  I couldn’t have found a better home for this puppy!  She is deeply adored for who she is and the environment and sports she will engage in will certainly ensure she will be all that she can be.  In short, Everything.

Lark Week 12
Helé, at 12 weeks, maturing into such a pretty girl!
Lark & Eve Week 12
Mutual adoration!

Kynic Bess (formerly Wren) is settling in well to her new home and future career as Sheepdog.

  Bess meeting sheep

Here is Kynic Snap, enjoying his new life as well!

Snap 12 weeks02
Handsome boy, and nice square front!
Snap 12 weeks 03
Looking rather fluffy!
Snap 12 weeks 01
I just love how these two have bonded!  Adorable

And, given that y’all know I have decided to keep Raven, this means that the one puppy I have still looking for his perfect home is….Griffon!  I’m not sure if I should be surprised or not.  I have said all along that this boy would be tricky to place, and that indeed has been the case.  But I am still a little baffled that he’s still here.  Given his strengths – confidence, charisma, perfect BC looks, outgoing and very personable temperament – I would have thought his perfect home would have made itself known by now.

Interestingly, Griff does not exude any kind of “I am looking for a home” vibe.  He seems to be very content right here.  And I have to admit, I am very, very tempted to keep this pup. Certainly I will be selective in placing him, and until the perfect home comes along he won’t be going anywhere.  But I won’t be doing him any favours by keeping him.  Puppies need to be the absolute focus of their new home for at least the first 6-12 months of their lives, and given that I have committed to Raven, Griff would be the “extra” and likely shortchanged.

But, gosh, he is JUST. SO. GREAT.  I am not worried.  His home will find him when the timing is right.

DSCN0036 (2)
Mr. Handsome Griffon the Charming
So big!  And still Manding beautifully for attention.
Among other things, getting pretty good at retrieving!

And here is my black-winged messenger and magician, Raven, getting wiser and brainier by the minute.

DSCN0018 (1)
My pretty girl with her ever-changing ears
Also getting good at the retrieve!
Could be just the camera angle, but that foot looks to be reaching beyond her nose!  Nice structure on this pup 🙂

And there you have it, folks!  Puppies at three months of age.  What a ride this has been!  I’m so excited for each and every one and can’t wait to see how they mature and develop.  I will certainly post updates here as I have news to share.  I also hope to get my training blog back up and running to document what I am doing with Raven, Griffy for as long as I have hm, and the rest of the crew.  More to come!  This is just the beginning of the adventure…

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