Lunch is Late!

Raising pups to this point has been mostly Kes’s job.  Of course I also have been providing a stimulating environment for pups, and petting and handling them regularly to aid in their development.  But Kes has been doing all the heavy work: cooking, feeding, warming, and cleaning both pups and pen.

In return, I am taking care of Kes and doing my best to keep her in tip top shape for her important work.  This involves giving her plentiful meals (she’s literally eating for 6, and consuming more than four times her regular volume of food), affection, exercise, fresh air, and lots of breaks from her babies.

I must be striking the right balance because she is alway happy to return to them, and sometimes doesn’t even want to leave the pen when I invite her.  She is still loving being a mamma.  Good girl Kessie!

Every morning Kes feeds her babies then comes with me to do chores and go for a long hike with the rest of the pack.  By the time we get back inside, pups are good and ready for their lunch.  Here’s what happens when we spend a little too much time enjoying the spring sunshine!

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