Day 26: Ten minutes in the whelping pen

At this point, puppies move around so much that any photographs I take are blurred.  So I am doing some video blogging instead today:

A summary what we’re seeing & working on as we approach Week 4:

  • Puppies are VERY interactive now
  • They are starting to show a tug instinct
  • They are starting use the litter tray (!!)
  • More loud noises and different surfaces daily
  • Lots of passive enrichment going on
  • Puppies are starting to seek enrichment when presented with their daily new objects
  • Puppies have been introduced to their first wobble board
  • Puppies are gaining dexterity but still very awkward, falling and rolling and bumping about
  • They are going through little growth spurts, which present as sleeping and being quiet for a few days, then get back to being active!
  • A little demonstration of the daily handling I do to get them used to how they might be handled as adults.
  • They only have enough energy to play for about 10 minutes at this age, then they crash for several hours.  Wake up, eat, repeat.

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