Week 5 Summary – Part II (of 2)

In addition to discovering the great outdoors, puppies had a busy week of socializing and having exciting new indoor experiences.  First, we had lots of visitors!

Christine and puppies 5 weeks
Interspecies Intuitive Christine Nobel Seller giving the puppies some Reiki and lots of love!  Christine reports that the puppies are all excited about their big life adventure that lies ahead, but we didn’t ask for any more information than that.
The puppies having fun during their weekly dose of kids!
Raven, crashed out after much interspecies romping
Kids = fun tug games!

Next, we had our first health check.  All puppies were weighed and had their hearts checked.  Everyone has gained weight like gangbusters, and all hearts sound strong and healthy!

Griffy, trying hard not to break the scale

Surprise of the day, wee Raven weighs exactly the same as Cooper!  So she really isn’t that wee, she just looks smaller because her coat is so smooth while everyone else has varying degrees of fluff and puff.  No surprise that Griffon outweighed everyone by more than a pound.

Puppies_Me checking Larks heart
Yours truly, learning what a puppy heart sounds like with Lark.

Every day, we practiced our Manding…

And got comfortable around noisy household appliances:



Puppies have also been learning to be apart from their littermates, and have begun their crate training (more on that in a separate post):

Solo time in the office, surrounded by the big dogs

All in all, it was a busy week.  Stay tuned for Week 6!

Puppies crashed out after a busy day


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