Week Six Photos!

A few days late but here are the puppies at six weeks.  I can’t believe how much they change each week!

First (born), there’s Mr. Griff.  He continues to be the most advanced puppy, and is really making it clear this week that he’s going to quite a challenging dog to raise and train.  Charming and confident, he’s also fearless and bold as brass.  He doesn’t think twice about trying to snatch the bone from a snarling adult, or take off at top speed after an 18-wheeler roaring past the house.  Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE this puppy, but he is more puppy than most need, or will want to deal with.  I am going to have to put a lot of careful thought into where he goes (or if he stays put!).  Looking forward to next week’s independent evaluations and consultations to help with that decision.



Next we have  wee Ravey-roo.  She is such a neat little puppy!  Super smart and quick to learn, she is the independent one of the group.  While the other four puppies can usually be found clustered together, Rave will usually be at the other end of the room (or house), playing her only little game with some special treasure she’s found.  She is still very people focused and loves to interact, but she has the confidence to be out and about on her own as well.  Definitely her own little person!  And check out those ears… Do you think they are heading skyward?



And then there’s this fluffy little girl!  Lark loves nothing more than to climb into your lap and gaze lovingly into your eyes.  She is definitely a big love sponge and would probably be cuddled all day if you had time.  At the same time, she’s quite lively and happy to participate in puppy games.  I think the combination will make her a lot of fun to train.  She certainly has manding down pat, offering a very clear sit for attention faster and more often than any of the others.  Definitely a puppy who wants to please, and knows how to politely ask for what she wants!



Next we have Wren.  This little crackerjack simply does not take good photos.  In person, she is nothing like the plain little puppy I keep capturing with my camera.  Wren is almost as outgoing and confident as Griff, and at the moment is the most ‘herdy’ of the group, spending much of her out and about time latched onto my ankle.  She is quite people focused as well, although not as much as Lark, and enjoys a good cuddle on a regular basis (and then wants down to go scamper around again).  She is a lively puppy and I expect will also be a bit of a handful to raise and train.



And last, but definitely not least, Cooper.  The Coop Man continues to be a lovely, balanced boy with good energy and a sharp little mind but a laid back temperament.  What you see here is exactly what you get!  A snuggler who enjoys his naps, he is also confident, happy to explore, and quick to learn new activities. Love this fuzzy little guy. And his ears look like they might be heading upward too!



So there you have it, Week 6 personality update and photo shoot.  At some point I am going to go over my weekly notes to see just how accurately I guessed at their personalities as they have matured.  Certainly there are trends that I saw right from the start (i.e. Griff being a handful, Cooper being sweet and laid-back), but there have been traits that have definitely changed over the weeks.

Next Saturday we will be doing a formal temperament test and structural evaluation, which will be both fun and super interesting.  I can’t wait to have others do an independent evaluation of the puppies in a strange location.  I expect we’ll learn quite a bit more about them in the process.

In the meantime, today the puppies held a party!  Boy did we have FUN!  Once I have the video and photos uploaded, I’ll share the details.  Stay tuned…


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