We’re excited to announce…

Kes is expecting!

Puppies mid-January, 2018.

Kevan Gretton & Kinloch Kai

After months of research, I decided the ideal match for our Kes is Kinloch Kai, a recent import to Canada owned by Kevan Gretton of Woodville, Ontario.

Even though he’s been here less than a year, four year old Kai is already showing himself to be quite the challenge on the trial field, winning and placing in challenging trials with ease and grace. Kai is natural, calm, and steady with plenty of power to move his sheep, be it around a trial field or around the farm. You can see Kai’s pedigree here.



Kestrel is a powerful, gritty little farm dog who can move anything. I have yet to come across a job she can’t handle with confidence and ease. She has a useful and sensible grip, never loses her temper, and never backs down from a challenge. She will work sheep, goats, cows, and poultry (and cats). She tends to run hot, is fast and forward, and is stronger at driving than at gathering.

My hope with this cross is that pups will retain Kes’s power, grit, and confidence, and add Kai’s cool head, lovely pace, natural feel for sheep, and beautiful outrun. Of course, we can’t control how the genes will shake down, but I would be happy with a pup that turned out like either parent, or anywhere in between.

You can read more about Kes and see her pedgiree here.

Puppies will be black and white. I expect them to be darkly marked, smooth or flat coated, and on the petite side. Kes stands 19.5″ at the shoulder, and Kai is roughly the same. Puppies will be raised naturally and with Puppy Culture (Plus) protocol. They should excel at both work and sports.

While we do have a list of puppy buyers, there may be one or two pups still available, depending on the size of the litter.

For more information, please email me (Hélène) at kynicstockdogs@gmail.com

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  1. How exciting, I hope you get a nice healthy and beautiful litter. Can’t wait to see the results of this union.

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