New Litter Announcement!

Maxine x Imp. Finn. Puppies due late May, 2021

I’m very excited to announce that the very talented Maxine has been bred to the equally talented Imp. Finn. These puppies are very strongly working bred and I’m looking for experienced working and sport homes for them.

Both Maxine and Finn have been trained to Open in USBCHA style herding. They were each quite successful competing at the Pro-Novice (PN) level before Covid interrupted their trial careers. Maxine has won trials at the PN level.

Puppies should be strong, natural workers, medium to small in size with very athletic builds and moderate, balanced structure. I expect pups to be black and white smooth coats with “flying-nun” to pricked ears. However, BC genetics are always a gamble so you never know what might show up!

Both parents have been genetically tested through Optigen, and puppies will be free of all testable genetic conditions (including EOAD (early onset deafness)).

Note: Maxine has had her hips x-rayed and deemed sound, but not certified. Finn has not been certified.

Click here for more info on Imp. Finn.

Click here for more info on Maxine.

Puppies will be naturally reared and registered with the CBCA.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, here are the essential requirements I am looking for:

  • Are experienced with the breed, i.e.: have lived with and trained border collies
  • Can provide at least 45-60 minutes off-leash activity per day (without playing fetch), such as hiking, at least 5x a week.
  • Offer their puppy a mentally stimulating job, such as regular training in herding, dog agility, nose work, Rally Obedience, freestyle etc. 
  • Are willing to keep their puppy intact to at least 24 months of age
  • Understand that my puppies will be sold on a non-breeding contract (with some exceptions for proven working herding homes)
  • Understand that I cannot offer health guarantees beyond what the puppies have been genetically tested for
  • Do not live in dense urban environments
  • Ideally can pick up the puppy in person (with COVID we might need to get creative)

Preference given to Natural Rearing (NR) homes.

Contact me at to discuss and for a puppy application.

Follow this litter here, or for more frequent updates, find us on Facebook or Instagram!


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